How Can I Be Environment Friendly?


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Being environmentally conscious is what everyone needs to do to in this day and age in order to preserve a healthy environment for us as well as the future generations. Here's how you can do your bit:

Think about reducing the amount of meat which you consume. Confused? It is worth knowing that more land needs to be used to produce meat than to grow plant products.

Do not use bags from the grocery store or the supermarket. Instead, get a couple of canvas bags and keep them in your car to avoid the possibility of you forgetting to carry them. Make a conscious effort to not use non recyclable items such as plastic. Reuse whatever you can and make it a point to dispose of trash in a suitable manner.
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Nowadays it's really important for all of us to be very conscious about environment. Due to high growth in population and growing industry the environment is getting polluted day by day and It is very dangerous for the global environment. Being a human being it's the duty of every person to be very careful about the global environment and should take proper measures not to disturb it further more.

Every person has to feel that he or she has an equal responsibility to take a good care of the world environment on his or her behalf.To be an environmentally friendly person we should make sure that we do not through the garbage or other stuff which cause any sort of pollution. We should take a good care of our sanitary and drainage system.

We should also be very careful about our food. We should not waste it or through it here and other but should take it to its proper place like dustbins and dumb boxes. Polythene bags are very dangerous and its really great cause of pollution. So while using that we should be very careful to take it to recycling unit. There it can be managed properly.
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You should plant more and more saplings and should discourage deforestation. Imagine you are tied to a tree that is about to be cut down?
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The best way you can start is within your own home. Try these tips.

Consider to be more efficient when it comes to using energy. Knowing how to become more efficient does help in energy saving.
Plant trees whenever possible.
Keep your current electrical system as best as running as possible, as well as plumbing and mechanical systems too.
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Well it is a great thinking to be environmentally friendly. It is al about how much conscious you are about a matter. The first thing is that you decide it in your mind then it becomes easy for you to practice. Now when you have decided to be an environmentally friendly person it will be easy for you to practice. First of all you make sure that you not only practice your self all those things needed for the betterment of environment but also educate as many other people as you can. Make sure that you do not through any garbage or wrappers on roads, streets, parks, playgrounds and even your own home. Always try to through it in the dustbin or any basket used for it. If you are passing by any road and you see any thing lying o road its your duty to pick it up and through it in the basket if you want to prove to be an environmentally friendly person. Make sure that you aware other people about this as well that its not only the duty of government that they will make arrangements for it but also responsibility of every individual to take care of their surroundings.
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Be Green! Several easy green ideas to reduce your carbon footprint are: Recycle, use recycled paper in home or office, use compact florescent lightbulbs, use rechargeable/recycled batteries, try to use organic shampoos, soaps and bath accessories. Reduce your junk mail or catalogues by joining the Catalog Choice Committee (visit of throwing catalogs in the recycle bin, go to the above website and opt out of receiving the catalog. Kudos to you for thinking Green and Clean!!
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Some of the other answers that you got aren't that bad, but becoming a vegetarian is not going to save the earth! From the beginning of time, man has eaten meat.

If you really want to do something, join one of the organizations that are taking an active step to do good things for the earth.

There is a rather large variety of them, Greenpeace is one, there's several that work specifically to clean up oil spills, or working to get emissions down in vehicles. Stopping mining would also benefit us, as the sludge that comes from it is toxic to us and the earth.
Did you know that it takes over 800 milk containers to make a bench in the park that you can sit on? Since it's plastic, it will last a lot longer than the wooden ones. You can buy things that are made from recycled materials, don't save the plastic bags from the store to reuse. Use a cloth one, you can wash it if you have to, and you don't have to worry about it falling apart on you when you have to carry something heavy, that way you aren't adding to the use of the plastic.

Don't use styrofoam, most people don't realize that it takes longer for this to break down than plastic. Ride a bike, don't use a car pool, or a bus unless you absolutely have to.
Donate one of your days to just picking up garbage and disposing of it, you can reuse burlap for hauling garbage as long as you wear gloves. Let the rain wash it out, just lay it on a flat sloping surface so the rain will wash out the dirt from the trash. I think it's great you want to do your part, I hope you do just one of the things that I suggested, then you can feel good about doing your part. Good luck.
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Our environment is being threatened by the menace of pollution.It's a global problem and without co-operation ,it will not be curb down.As government authorities are taking precautionary measures ,we as an individual ,can also contribute at our level.One can avoid smoking and the usage of smoke -producing vehicles.Usage of polythene-bags should be cut-down.
Industrial garbage should be reported to the concerned authorities .Silencers of auto-rickshaws should be fixed.Oppose all those activities that are not environment-friendly.Try to make others aware about the environment and it's safety.Grow more trees in order to keep your environment clean and safe.That's how one can at least serve to environment.
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Well, its little things you can do to help the environment. Some of the things you can do are don't litter, Recycle garbage that can be recycled, instead of throwing away banana peels and apple corns use them as compost, take a bus, carpool, or even ride your bike to get around, only flush the toilet once after you go, turn off tvs, computers, acs when the are not being used, or even turning the heater down in the winter.

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