What Can I Do For My Avocado Tree, It Has Dropped All It's Leaves, And Now The Stalk Is Dying?


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Sounds like it might be too late. I think they need a lot of sun maybe it was too far north.
Better luck next time.
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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I know it might be a gonner, but, it was fun trying, and it got to be a really good size too. Looked so happy there for a long time. Oh well, Tigger likes avocados, not me, and will try when she eats another one. Lol
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Hi Tigg, Found a good source of information. Google this question. Houseplant Avocado tree+care+diseases. I'm pretty sure your plant is dying. Where is the trunk turning black? At the bottom? How big is the pot, depth and diameter? If the lower part of the trunk is blackening, it's fairly screaming root root. No hope, sorry. Avocados need light ,fluffy, well drained soil and lots of sun. Too big a pot can mean death for any plant. Start another one, they are easy to grow and spring is a good time to start one. What are you using as a soil mix? There are a lot of questions I could ask but it wouldn't really help. I know you don't want to lose it but I think it's a goner. Sorry.
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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After trimming the top of the stem off, I am seeing branches sprouting now, so maybe not all is lost after all.
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Avocado trees are known to thrive only in warm climates. I think they originated in Mexico. You probably know you use 1 part sand to 3 parts of good potting soil. Keep them away from other plants.
After a year of growth, fertilize 4 times a year. Use real organic fertilizer. You want good drainage, which you will have if you use the formula.Take care not to allow the tree to grow too tall, too fast.
If it is allowed to, it may bend over and die. You can pinch it off. Good luck. P.S. If leaves get yellow, you have an iron deficiency. I know you live in Alaska, but keep indoors, and only put out when it is warm. You can put a little tin fence around it to protect it from rats and squires.
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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Thank you dear, I trimmed the dead stem off, and there are sprouts coming out like branches, so maybe all isn't lost after all. I really appreciate your help. Thank you.
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Sadly, I'm not a veggie gardener. Embrace the powers of Google! Bets of luck.
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Go on the internet and research Avocado trees, because you got me on that one don't have a clue, or find a nursery in the phone book and call just to ask a question.....the best to you
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I'm sorry to say, but have to agree with Galaxie.
Think your avocado tree is a goner since the stalk is dying..
Sorry, hon.
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I LOVE AVOCADOS! I'm so sorry I don't know anything about growing avocado trees. See if the following sites are helpful to you at all: www.tropicamango. Com / avocado . Html, http://www.  Cloudforest . Com / cafe / forum / 54377 . Html

I had to put spaces in the "addresses" to keep them from reverting to a generic page (i.e. Www.tropicamango.com - versus the entire address), so you'll have to take them out before pasting to your browser. They looked interesting and packed with info.

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Lisa Kinzey
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How strange! I just got through reading the St. Pete Times and in it is an article about trouble with the avocado plants here in Florida. It mentions "Laurel Wilt Fungus". Put that in your search engine and check out the images and info. I hope not, but this sounds like a possibility from what you described. Hugs!
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I have to say that I have no answer for you--and the only person I know with an avocado tree has about a thousand of them! He has an avocado orchard! So any advice from him would not be so helpful for you with an indoor one started from a pit! We get free avocados (and lemons, and oranges, and limes, and strawberries..)all the time. Too bad I'm allergic.
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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Sorry you are allergic, I know about that stuff, I am allergic to mold so that means the penicillin too, as well as all the other cillins. Just because I don't like avocados, doesn't mean that Tigger can't have them . She loves them.
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Wow! You're asking the wrong person. I've been known to kill cactus. But seriously, I did have a short period of time when I grew some pretty nice roses, but I'm out of my element here. Sure you don't have a snake raising question? I've got 3 clutches of eggs laid recently (about 30 eggs) and hope to have some more. LOL!
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Go on the internet and research avocado trees, because I'm lost on that one, don't have a clue...the best to you
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Hey i have no idea on that but talk to someone who deals with plants and stuff like that and idk what else to say good luck because avocado's or awesome
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Just read an article saying a young avocado tree can't take sun so it needs shade for the first few years before roots are established and leaves develop to shade itself
I've got 3 avocadoes at my home in Florida sweetie...sounds as if ya got another chance with this one...Did you ever purchase the SUPERTHRIVE I HAD GIVEN YOU THE WEBSITE FOR IT...OR YOU MAY SIMPLY GOOGLE IT PUDDIN;...‚ô•NASSY
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First let me explain! Their are, most of the time, Male and Female branches on most trees, However All Male or Female or mostly one or the other is common too! So only Buy trees from a well know store and not Walmart Ever!

Two, These trees start freezing at close to 30 but will come back some, HOWEVER once that temp or below is reached for OVER 5 hours or more it falls into what the Indians call "The winter of the pooping trees and will die!

To top that off it is a very hard tree to raise even in the Caribbean Climate! For this is a very hard tree to grow RIGHT!

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