What Is The Importance Of Oral Communication?


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If it has oral in it , it must be good.
The best way to deliver your message in full is oral. Any type of inter-action that makes use of spoken word understandable is oral communication.
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Teach yur family the oral communication thy need it if you want dnt want more sisters @home
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Without oral communication, one misses the minute nuances of inflection is a person's voice.  A simple reply to someone such as the single word "really" can carry several shades of meaning.  It can be sarcastic, it can be excited, it can be detached, it can be annoyed, etc.  This is where typing (emails, IMs, blurtit, etc.) can fail.

In fact, I was legitimately responding to someone's question the other day, and I believe they thought I was being sarcastic, when I was merely being sincere and trying my best to be helpful!

But then you might mention someone who is deaf.  They can't use their voice, nor hear yours.  BUT, they can see your body language, and you theirs.  You can see their facial expressions and they can read yours.  Speaking to someone in person improves communication in every case.
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A chance to get to know one another in person and to learn their likes and dislikes . Are some reasons
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Oral communication -is the process by which thought are transferred though spoken words from one person to another.

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