Are All Things Dependent On Each Other?


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Yes.  That's why it's referred to as 'the Chain of Life'.
Do something to one link and it'll effect some, if not all,
of the other links in some fashion or other.  Even Man
in spite of the seeming firm conviction of some, has
to respect this Chain.    Almost every time he tries to
manipulate (screws up) the Chain, it has a wide impact
on more than one species.
Example 1)...Killer bees were intended to be crossed with
native bees to produce more honey.  Killer bees are now
killing off the native bees and killing people and animals
as well.
Example 2)...Cane Toads.   The idea was that the toads
would eat the grubs that damaged cane fields.  The toad
eats about everything else, instead.
Example 3)...Pigs were released on the Hawai'ian Islands
as a food source.  With nothing on the islands to hunt them,
their population exploded and they've all but taken over,
killing and/or eating the native animals.
It's a tradition that the pig to be pit roasted has to be
hunted and killed with just a knife.
You can believe there's more 'oops' like these.
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Jewelly A. Shetka
I forgot one thing about the Cane Toad.
The secretions from it's warts is so toxic,
anything that tries to eat it dies. Even if
the hunter barely holds the toad in it's
mouth, it's dead. The toad eats everything
that is small enough to stuff into it's mouth
and kills off other hunters, as well.
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Karen answered
You might think that you are independent; but, u are waiting on a truck somewhere to bring something so that you can eat, have toiletries, etc. All things are dependent on another. People must have somewhere to work, eat, etc.
I always joke about being on a deserted island and how long I could survive. Socially, I am sure that we all need at least one person to talk to. It would be awfully lonely without another.
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Probably It's Like The Circle Of Life. I Guess.. It's Eat To Survive.. Hunt For Food Either At The Grocery Store Or In The Woods If You Are A Bear Or The African Plain If You Are A Lion... Everyone Needs Love.. Food.. Comfort.. And A Place To Stay..We Depend On Our Employers To Pay Us So We Can Eat.. And Pay For The House..We Depend On Doctors To Give Us Checkups...We Depend On Friends To Cheer Us Up When We Are Sad Or Angry.. We Even Depend On Our Mechanic To Make Sure Our Vehicle Runs..If We Are Married We Depend On Our Spouse To Love Us As Well And Appreciate Us.It Never Ends.. Does It?? What If Your Employer Or Doctor Lost THEIR Job?
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Mother nature works with balance......but when on species becomes extincted another balance comes into place with the parts that are left....the same goes for the planet and the science behind climate change....whether or not the changes makes things better for the life and survival of humans is what makes it an issue with us.....
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No, i know i'm sure independent
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Yes Omnom.we certainly are dependant on others.Just think what kind of life you would have if you were all
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If you really want to get into "everything" we are actually all made out of star stuff. Everything really is the same thing.
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Some people try and act all independent and strong or whatever but inside, they really need someone to hold on to. There is always gonna be a side that wants to cry in pain when left out whether they express that feeling or not.
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To a point yes.if you killed a bug then the bird wont eat that bug and the bird might die thene the thing that was going to eat the bird cant.^_^

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