What causes Earthquakes, and why are they so hard to predict?


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Earthquakes are caused by the shifting of tectonic plates underneath the Earth's crust. These plates shift and rub together, causing powerful vibrations. When this plates shift in this manner, it causes cracks and gaps to form on the Earth's surface. This causes geographical damage and disruptions. These plates can shift at any given time. There is no "build-up" to the point at which the plates shift. It is completely random. There isn't any mathematical pattern, which is what half of these Seismologists spend their time looking for.

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They are made by the tectonic plates that keep shifting untill then both plates meet each other trying to shift even more but at the end thay are unable to do so.

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Over almost 10,000 years because of earthquakes some countries would be nearer or farer to others. Also this might happen the same to continents!

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Fracking, which is the process of extracting shale gas from the earth, has also been shown to cause minor earthquakes but the tremors are tiny, very rare and not even noticeable to humans.

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