Can humans predict earthquakes at all? If so, about how long before the earthquake happens will they be able to detect it?


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Yes, humans can predict earthquakes, but it is not so accurate.
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They can make an educated guess based on seismic activity and other factors.  But as far as being able to say it will happen on Tuesday, not they can not.  They can say it may happen next week, possibly around Tuesday,  but an exact day and time are not yet predictable by us earthlings.
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There Is Men Who  Work In Places Where They Study This Kind Of Thing For A Living They Try To.  They Have All Kinds Of Machines And Graphs For This Type Of Area.. I Would Think Horses.Cows.. Sheep And Any Animals Would Do Better By Their Change Of Behavior.
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Yes..if you are able to detect the changes in the quality of the earth/sand and sea,matched by shades of colours in the sky. For some it is an art/science passed on by the Wise men of Old who lived sensitive to the earth,wind and heat...
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Yes and no. Most people are oblivious to it.that or they pick up on their animals activity, anxiety.there are very few people in the world that can actually feel a quake coming before it happens. I guess you could say it is like people with bad joints or arthur itis(arthritis) who feel storms coming because of the change in the air.sor tof like the leaves on a tree turning upside down before a heavy rain.
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Yes......and also if one watches animal behavior, there are many signs that they convey prior to a disaster.

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