Where Is Las Vegas?


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Las Vegas is city that is situated in the United States. It is the most populated city in Nevada. It is the seat of Clark County. It is an internationally acclaimed entertainment, Shopping, Vacation and Gambling destination. Las Vegas was officially founded in the year 1905 and in the year 1911 became an official city. In present time it is the largest city in the 20th century that has been founded in the 20th century.

Las Vegas, Nevada is the main hub for gambling in the United States of America. Las Vegas is known as "The Entertainment capital of the world". Las Vegas is commonly known as Vice City or more famously known as Sin City. It is very popular due to the fact that gambling is a legal activity and also due to the availability of alcohol at any given time.
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Oh my god!!! Its in the united states in a state called nevada and las vegas is a city...I live there

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