What Is The Strongest Muscle In The Body?


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The heart is,

Many people believe it is the tongue but the heart is

The heart is made of cardiac myocardium muscle and NEVER becomes tired because it does not produce lactic acid. It works all the time so if you was to run and your heart rate was 200 BPM it would NOT get tired even if you kept your heart rate at 200 BPM all day. The tongue does get tired.

If you was to eat loads of food and keep moving your tongue about in your mouth it would ache so there for HEART IS the answer
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Maybe youre right, but i disagee, 5 stars though!!
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No it isnt, its the Tongue becuase what other muscle that you no that can move every way possible and bend into a tube? You can tear the heart muscles and your tongue muscles are really strong ! But i am not saying you cannot tear your tongue because you can, but it very rare !!
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My dear i no think you are wrong its a fact that tongue is the strongest muscle and by the way when heart attacks come your heart is tired so you cannot say heart do not get tired
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Tongue is the muscle which is the strongest in our body.
Apart from Tongue, Heart and Jaws are also taken as most strongest muscle in human body based on different criteria on which tongue cannot stand. Let me explain how:
Muscular "strength" usually refers to the ability to exert a force on an external object E.G., lifting a weight. Here Jaws wins because of its working against a much shorter lever arm than other muscles.
Heart, on other hand, yields a total work output of two and a half gigajoules. And, It works continuously, even when tongue is at rest, pumping blood which is a heavy task.
So, depending on criteria the name of strongest muscle can differ.
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The strongest muscle in the human body may be the masseter muscle, the muscle that we use to bite down with. The masseter muscle is located on either side of the jaw and can be felt to contract when one bites down or clenches ones jaw. The record bite strength has been measured at 965lbft, more than enough to bite off someones ear or other body part should you be crazy enough (or angry enough) to do so. A precise determination of the relative strengths of muscles in the human body is tricky, so a definitive conclusion as to which muscle is strongest is difficult, but the small size of the masseter muscle and the great force that can be produced by biting down, as anyone who has ever been bitten knows, makes it a good candidate.
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Its your jaw
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The heart is because it is made of Cardiac Myocardium and never starts working. It can get you through a roller coaster ride on the fastest coaster ever. That will be about 182 bpm it never gets tired.
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My tongue gets a lot of exercise and a very good workout all day long. So I'd have to say the tongue would be the strongest. I exercise it every day
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It actually isn't the heart... I know the tounge is because I have heard that fact many times
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It is the heart, your heart beats 24/7 for about 75 years meaning 3900 weeks non-stop, do the math. Your tounge
moves barely half your life while your heart moves all your life!

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