Which appliances are designed to transfer electrical energy to kinetic energy?


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Mixers, dishwashers and dryers, vacuums and many more I am sure you can think of.

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Would you be able to explain a bit more? This sounds like a homework question to me, but the user may be interested to understand a bit more about how kinetic energy can tie into design..
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Work = delta PE + delta KE

KE = 1/2mV^2

Electrical Energy = Qq/r


EE = Qq/r = KE = 1/2mV^2

Qq/r = 1/2mV^2

qQ = 1`/2mV^2r

The two particle points, Q and q, attracted by their opposite charge and the distance between them, r, transfer this energy into the mass of the object ( you mixer ), m, times the velocity of the object squared, V^2, all times that radial distance between the particles in the electric flow with the 1/2 constant being the result of integration.

The transference of the moving attraction of particles into mechanical motion. Hard to explain without university mathematics.
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Sounds like pretty complicated stuff! Thanks for sharing though, I know anyone looking for this information on Blurtit will be impressed :)

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