Explain the three parts of communication systems?


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Way too ambiguous of a question for an intelligent answer.

Saying "the 3 parts to communication" implies an assumption that there ARE only 3 parts to communication.  So you are probably asking based on learning of or being taught an approach to communication that uses 3 parts.

MY ANSWER:  Ask the question in a better way, with no assumed truths.    Example:  "What are the basics of communication?"  "How can I become an expert at communication and/or persuasion?"

FACT:  The superior way of finding answers and achieving results in ALL of life is to FIRST ask the right question.

Proof:  "You send a message...someone receives that message...they  process that message....they respond to that message with a message..."   That is four parts.  I could list communication methodologies that have many more parts.   It depends on your use of knowing.  


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