Where Is Best Place To Live In Southampton?


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The two best places to live in Southampton are Canterbury and New Forest. Canterbury area is a little more expensive than the north in terms of property, but, I am sure you will love living there. There is a lot to do in Canterbury. The city is very clean and beautiful. It is also very safe than the other cities around. Renting is also is a bit expensive around city centre, but nonetheless, it is worth it. You can easily walk into town from the city centre notwithstanding the big traffic problem. The New forest on the other hand, is quite. It is a major attraction to Southampton plus accommodation is cheap.
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If you say 'young family', I assume that your budget is not above the 500 000 mark... Hence I am not going to mention Highfield, Chilworth and Winchester as options. Reasonably affordable, but still nice family areas are Bitterne Park, parts of Bitterne and Woolston. Portswood and parts of Swaythling are very noisy, as they have a very high student population - so I would probably not recommend them for a young family. Personally, I would try to avoid the Flowers estate, Lordshill, parts of Millbrook, Thornhill, the upper bit of Townhill park, parts of Shirley (Upper Shirley is nice, though) and Merryoak.
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I am not certain, which Southampton you refer to, but there appears to be only one Southampton in the UK. Therefore, I decided you probably were not asking about one of three places in the US named Southampton. So, I will inform you about Southampton in the UK.

Were I moving there, I would go for a place by the sea. Boats, ships and shipyards always fascinate me. There is so much history in this area of Southampton. The Southern Daily Echo Internet Edition, appears to provide the best overall information about Southampton, for information about housing, schools, and shopping, etc.  You will need to go to the website link below, and from this home page, you will be able to find all the information you want.

Since, I do not have any information as the type of jobs you would need or the ages or grade levels of your children, I cannot suggest schools. I also do not know, if you are seeking public schools or christian schools. There are a lot of homes for sale, however not knowing your price range or size of home you seek,  I cannot give any definite information.
But, on the Daily Echo website you will schools and homes listed and the schools are rated.

As, to where to live, I suggest you do some inquiring through this website and other Southampton websites. Then make a decision as to the schools you want your children to attend. You will want to live in the area of the schools you choose. Then you will ready to choose a home site in Southampton. Often, if we choose a home and area first, and later learn the schools are not what we want for the children, we are then forced, to send the children to schools, in which they are not receiving the best education. Go to:
' target='_blank' class='qa'>   Browse this site for help and ideas. Also, if you just type Southampton into your web browser and click you will find a lot information and contacts for Southampton on several pages of websites.
Good luck in your search!
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I've lived in Southampton for 3 yrs now and felt at home within 3
months Im sure this is were we will stay  the people are extremely
friendly and helpful, there is a community here not a competition.

an odd town in its evolution there are no actual areas of distinctive
wealth or  poverty they sort of blend. I would avoid weston, although
netley abby is devine, Bitterne itself is a little tatty and northern is
very dock like and council high rises.

Depending on your budget woolston is up and coming and has new developments at very good prices.

Bitterne Park is great, sea views can be bought for very little along here. And the St denys side of the river.

rate is as you would expect for a dock city. Yet  in general the people
are working class origin well meaning very friendly immensly helpful. A
warmer city you could not wish for.  And is only a hour and a bit train
ride to London which in comparison is as warm a
nd welcoming as a iceburg with crocodiles on it.

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The nicest part is the New Forest which isn't exactly in Southampton, but I have family who live in the Bramshaw/Nomansland area. 

As for people saying that you should avoid Thornhill altogether- that is a bit of a judgement really from what people have heard. I live in Thornhill Park (Not on the council estate) and all the time we have lived here we haven't had trouble and it's quite peaceful.

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Southampton is a seaport abuzz with maritime activity, attractive gardens numerous shops, and eye-catching landscape. The cultural diversity which prevails in this place is to be seen to be believed. 20 minutes away from the sea lays the Isle of Wight. It is the most beautiful place to explore in this vibrant port city. You can take a respite here and enjoying a calm and peaceful time.

The scenic beauty of the Isle of Wight is like an adorning pendant which sparkles close to the lovely necklace called Southampton. The visually appealing scenery, the tranquillising ambience, attractive shops and the stunning view of the island is sight to behold. Of course for the ones who are fond of nature sports, there are facilities for paragliding, sailing and wind-surfing also.
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Southampton is horrible - don't go there

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