Why Does The Moon Have So Many Craters And The Earth Has So Few?


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The Earth has an atmosphere that causes friction on the asteroids, making a lot of them burn up before they reach the surface. Also we have weather and other natural causes that over time erases the evidence of impacts. The moon doesn't have an atmosphere, so every little rock can make it to the surface and no weather to erase or destroy the damage that all the millions of asteroids have caused on the moons surface.
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The moon has no atmosphere to protect its surface from objects crashing into it. The Earth's atmosphere burns and destroys most space debris before it reaches the ground. Only very large objects from space can survive complete destruction and actually leave a crater on Earth. Every single little object that strikes the moon leaves a mark.
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because the moon has no atmosphere to burn the asteroid up

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Yes, the atmosphere burns up some meteorites before they impact, but the atmosphere has another effect on meteor craters. The weather on the Earth wears down, fills in and smooths over craters so that after a few thousand years most of them are not visible any more.  The Moon has no atmosphere, no weather so even the oldest craters from four billion years ago are still visible, unless they have been filled in by the impact debris from a more recent impact.
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Moon doesn't have an atmosphere so more craters are able to hit it. That is what my 14 yr old son said.
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Moon does not have atmosphere which allows the meteoroids to hit the surface but since the earth has atmosphere it can stop the meteoroids from hitting the surface!!!
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We have a atmosphere around us which caus the big boulders too burn up almost into nothing butth moon doesn't have atmosphere so that will let all the big boulders hi the moon.
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The moon doesn't have any atmosphere, so all the junk floating in space can bump it without burning up.

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