How Many Moons Does Earth Have?


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You might be surprised to learn that there are seven at least orbiting the planet. The big moon that we all see, known as Luna by astronomers, is the only one to observe a strict orbit , and the only one visible to the naked eye but there are six more Near Earth Asteroids which do follow Earth around the Sun.

The first to be identified was Cruithne. It takes its name from Britain's earliest recorded Celtic tribe. It is three miles wide and has a horseshoe shaped orbit. It was discovered in 1997. Since then five more have been found. There names are more like catalogue references than proper names.

Some astronomers say they are just ordinary asteroids taking about the same time to get around the sun as us and occasionally exerting some gravitational influence. In the future one or all of them might settle down into a regular orbit.
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Earth has only one Natural satellite which we know as it's Moon. It is the fifth largest natural satellite in the Solar System. The moon is at a distance of 384,403 km from the Earth (center to center). It is Biologically and Geologically inert in comparison with Earth. Most of it's surface is riddled with craters from impacts by meteors. Since it has no Geologically vibrant processes like Earth it's craters remain as permanent impressions on it's surface.
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Earth has 7 moons: 1 big moon and 6 little moons.

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Earth has one moon and one moon only. Check out this site for the truth.

How Many Moons Does Earth Have? - Universe Today

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The earth either has one, two, seven, or somewhat around that moons. It has quite a lot of satellites, and it depends what you mean by "moon". Like whether you judge it by it's size, the ratio to the body it is orbiting, or the fact that is is orbiting something. It probably isn't one, as a snail can have thousands of teeth. You just need to find them. (Giant African snails really do have thousands of teeth, but I'm not sure about their smaller cousins.)
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The one we see at night is the only one the earth has.
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Man this thread is old. And people on this site sure were ditzy in the past. ;)

The earth has one natural satellite, a.k.a. Moon, a.k.a. The Moon. It has numerous other quasi-satellites and more temporary satellites are being discovered as the years go on.

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The earth is the planet with one moon. This is one of the larger natural satellites with a known diameter of approximately 2160 miles.

It is being said that the earth has the only moon that is so near to us that many different aspects and details of its surface can be seen and observed through the use of telescope. Now a day’s research also reveals that it might be a possibility that Earth once use to have two moons.
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