What Are The Effects Of A Typhoon?


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A typhoon is a destructive type of tropical storm.

The damage that a typhoon causes varies depending on its intensity. Severe typhoons will cause heavy rainfall, flooding, and strong winds and can lead to severe destruction and thousands of deaths.

The effects of a typhoon
I experienced typhoon season when on honeymoon in the Philippines. In retrospect, I wish I had saved myself the trouble and stayed at home - but that's more to do with my ex-wife than the torrential weather.

It can be very frightening to sit through a typhoon, especially when they take you by surprise.

Flooding is a very real threat posed by typhoons, and can affect people's homes, livelihoods, finances. In extreme cases it can even take their lives.

The thing that sets typhoons apart from other tropical storms is their wind-speed. Once this exceed 77 miles per hour, the term typhoon can officially be used. These high wind speeds can be sufficiently strong to rip down power lines and destroy houses.

That's why people who live in typhoon-affected areas try to put contingency measures in place to minimize the effects of the storm.

In terms of physical damage, the effects of a typhoon can be horrendous. The social and economic impacts are also long-lasting and just as problematic.
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A typhoon is considered a catastrophe, it damages houses, the grid and the water supply. Also, it causes many people to lose their lives. Rebuilding costs a great sum of money and time.
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It can damage the infrastructure, not only the man made structure but also the crafts vegetation etc... It can be a cause of death in people and animals.

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