What Good Do Typhoons Do?


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In view of what has been said here about the perils of the typhoon, it would not be surprising if people got the impression that typhoons have no redeeming features. Yet that would not be the truth of the matter. Typhoons produce a great deal of good too. For example, through their agency millions of gallons of salt water are desalinated and distributed widely over the parched land. For man to desalinate such vast quantities would take much expensive installation and many years.
It is possible that there are other benefits bestowed on man and his home by the powerful winds of the typhoon. Here man just does not have all the answers. In his ignorance man suffers the harmful effects of the typhoon and that is what looms large in his mind. His study of all its benefits to man, to the air we breathe and to the soil from which our sustenance comes is still in the elementary stage.

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