What Are The Natural Resources In Jharkhand (India)?


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Jharkhand means forest region and it refers to the fact Jharkhand is a forest covered, mountainous plateau in Eastern India located south of the Indi-Gangetic Plains and west of Ganga's delta in Bangladesh.

Because Jharkhand is so mountainous with heavy forest their greatest resource is the trees of the forest. However, it is rich with minerals such as coal, iron, Bauxite, copper, limestone, asbestos and graphite. Coal and iron as natural resources have been a source of industry from the beginning, however the control by Bikar, kept the Jharkhand people in poverty, while they provided more than 75% of the revenue in Bikar.

Independence and assistance from others have led the people of Jharkhand to realize ways, and means to economic growth, through their natural resources of water and soil. The extent of agricultural growth throughout Jharkhand, continues to improve their economy. After years of struggling, they have learned the value of watersheds and soil conservation. Water and soil were natural resources always present, but without the technology to benefit from them they remained of little use to them.

Their travel industry is fast becoming one of their great sources of revenue with their hotels, restaurants and and an emphasis on drawing visitors to their beautiful landscape surroundings.

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