What Are The Natural Resources Of Pakistan?


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The natural resources of Pakistan are:

1) In the Southern Part Pakistan has a long coastal line which gives it access to warm waters. The Karachi port has always occupied a significant position even in history in terms of giving it access to other important sea ports of the world. Transporting goods through air or dry ports can be very costly in comparison.
2) There are huge reserves of iron ore in Pakistan besides several other unexplored mineral reserves in NWFP.
3) There are gold reserves to be found in the Northern mountainous belts.
4) Pakistan is rich in agriculture and has fertile cultivable soil. 60% of Pakistani GDP comes from agriculture.
5) 70 % of citrus fruits in the world are exported from Pakistan.
6) Pakistan has all four seasons and benefits that come with that.
7) Oil and gas reserves.
8) A strategic location that gives it access to China and other important locations in the North.
9) A complex irrigation system.
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Pakistan is
full of natural resources. Province Baluchistan and North West Frontier
Province (N.W.F.P)  are rich in various types of natural resources which
are serving whole Pakistan.

Natural Resources of Pakistan include:

  Fuller's Earth,
  Hydraulic Cement,
  Industrial Sand And Gravel (Silica),
  Natural Iron Oxide Pigments,
  Pig Iron,
  Raw Steel,
  Soda Ash,
  Natural Gas(Also known as “Sui Gas” in Pakistan),
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There are different types natural resources found in pakistan.these area as under:-
1- soil
  (a) indus basin soils
  (b) sandy desert soils
  (c) mountianous soils  etc
2- forest
  (a) mountainous forests
  (b) riverine forests
  (c) canal forests
  (d) coastal forests
  (e) sub- mountainous forests  etc
3- minerals
  (a) coal
  (b) copper
  (c) marble
  (d) gypsum
  (h) natural gas
  (I) salt
  (j) chromite    etc
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There are two types of natural resources (1)renewable (2)non-renewable
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There are so many natural resources of pakistan. Forests,water,oil,gas,kowl,and so many resource in pakistan.if pakistan can use proper use of natural resourses then it can be forwarding to developing countries.

thank you

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