What Are The Natural Resources Of Malaysia?


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Malaysia is very well known for a variety of natural resources from fields like agriculture, forestry as well as minerals. It is the main exporter for natural rubber and palm oil. The other exports include saw logs and sawn timber, cocoa, pepper, pineapple and tobacco. The Malaysian administration is making available plans for the improvement of some 312.30 square kilometres (120.5 sq mi) of land with wicker under natural woodland situation and in rubber plantations as an intercrop. Some of the types of timber species that have been planted here are meranti tembaga, merawan and sesenduk.

Minerals which also are a part of the natural resource are found in plenty. These minerals comprise of copper, gold, bauxite, iron-ore and coal together with industrial minerals like clay, kaolin, silica, limestone, barite, phosphates and dimension stones such as granite as well as marble blocks and slabs.
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It could be found with the department of natural resources in Kuantan Pahang Malaysia.

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