What Are Natural Resources?


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Natural means naturally found and resource means a source which can provide a number of sources. Natural resources are those kind of resources that exist by nature. They are not made synthetically or made artificially . Nature has gifted us countless boons from the heaven.

Natural resources are of two types, renewable or non-renewable. Renewable natural resources are resources which can be regenerated over a short or medium period of time while non-renewable are those which can never be regenerated or can be regenerated over very long periods of time.

Renewable resources can be used and reused accordingly but it is better not to exploit the non-renewable ones at a very fast pace otherwise we would have to face the problem of loss of a number of non-renewable goods soon. Renewable resources are like forests, wildlife, etc. while non-renewable ones are like fossil fuels. One can grow and grow forests but cannot wait for the process of development of fuel from the fossils of paleontology animals and plants over centuries. One should avoid overexploitation of renewable ones also but it is most important to control the fast and active exploitation of non-renewable natural resources.

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