What Is The Goal Of A Scientific Method?


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Scientific method refers to a body of techniques that are used for investigating, acquiring new knowledge or correcting and integrating previously understood knowledge. To be classified as scientific, the method of inquiry used must be based on the gathering of empirical and measurable evidence.

According to the McGraw-Hill Science and Technology Encyclopedia, the goal of the scientific method is "to ascertain whether a hypothesis is true to some degree". The scientific method is a means for checking whether previously-made hypotheses are true, rather than for finding facts or inventing ideas.

According to About.com (psychology.about.com/od/researchmethods/a/steps-of-scientifi), there are four steps to the scientific method:

• Forming a testable hypothesis
The process of identifying an area of interest then developing a hypothesis that can then be tested. A hypothesis is an 'educated guess' about the relationship between two or more variables.

• Devising a study and collecting data
Selecting the research methods that will be used to test the hypothesis.

• Examining the data and reaching conclusions
Using statistics, a researcher can summarize the data, analyze the results and then draw a conclusion based on the evidence.

• Reporting the findings of the study
As well as explaining the scientific method and methodology, the researcher presents the results of the study and discusses what these results mean. They will conclude as to whether the results proved or disproved their original hypothesis or not.

The scientific method is a long-established necessity to scientific inquiry. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the scientific method is a "method of procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century". The steps of the scientific method must be repeatable in order to prevent any mistakes or confusion from happening. It is intended to be as objective as possible so that results cannot be interpreted with bias.

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