What Is The First Goal Of Each Scientific Discipline?


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The first goal of any scientific discipline is to explain why something happens. Although this may seem easy enough, it requires a lot of research, in which various different factors must be taken into account, with their affects on the whole scenario being studied in much depth. Other goals may include preventing a process from occurring, such as the mass production of cells that can lead to cancer, or enabling a process to occur in a much quicker way. 

  • Different scientific disciplines

There are many different scientific disciplines, or scientific fields as they are also known as, in the world, and they are mainly separated into two large groups: Social sciences, and natural sciences.

Natural sciences are sciences that study the natural happenings in the world, such as the life of organisms and the way in which gravity impacts us all.

Social sciences are ones that focus upon learning more about the way in which people will react with each other in given occurrences, and whether these reactions are conscious or subconscious.

These two groups are known as the empirical sciences, as their findings can be watched by others. They are also capable of being tested in an attempt to find out how reliable the results are. This check happens by repeating the occurrence under the same conditions.

A science that has some major similarities with the empirical sciences, and is therefore often confused as one, is mathematics, which is actually classed as being a formal science.

  • What does this subject involve?

The study of math involves regular and organized investigations that are objective, and it is because of this that it is sometimes considered as an empirical science.  However the method that is used to make sure the information it gives is correct involves the use of a priori, something that does not occur in natural or social science.

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