Can You Explain The Relationship Between Amino Acids, Peptide Bonds, And Proteins?


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The simplest answer for your question. Is a few to several thousands of amino acids can be joined together in a SPECIFIC manner by PEPTIDE BOND to form a single protein...nd a small chane in their sequence can make it any other protein hope this will help you
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If you could draw a Venn diagram for this question, I would put proteins into the largest circle and then put a circle within it that says amino acids and another circle within it which says peptide bond.

In simple terms, amino acids are the molecules (monomers) that proteins (polymer) are made up of. The amino acids are joined with each other by peptide bonds.
A peptide bond is a bond formed when the carboxyl group (-COOH) of one amino acid and the amine group (-NH3) of the other react. Two hydrogens from the amine group combine with one hydrogen from the carboxyl group and form water. It leaves behind a bond where the C from the carboxyl group joins with N from the amine group. Such bonding continues between every amino acid present in the protein. The nature of the functional groups in the amino acids present determine the shape of the protein. There are about 20 amino acids which can be used in a multitude of different combinations to form many different kins of proteins.
A good illustration of two amino acids joining together to form a peptide bond is shown on Follow the link and I hope it will be even more clear to you.
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Peptide bonds are formed by the dehydration condensation of amino acids, peptides form proteins of a certain spatial structure.

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