What Are The Amines And There Uses?


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Amines are organic chemicals containing nitrogen. Nitrogen can form a covalent (electron sharing) bond with three other atoms. When all three side groups are hydrogen the compound is called ammonia (NH3). When one or more of the hydrogens are replaced by organic groups (containing carbon) they are called amines.

There are three main types of amine. Primary amines have only one hydrogen replaced by an organic group. Secondary amines have two hydrogens replaced by organic groups and Tertiary amines have all three hydrogens replaced.

Amines are used in many different ways. They are used to make azo-dyes, many drugs and medicines are based on amino compounds ad are used as anit-histamine for allergies, decongestants and tranquilizers. Amphetamine ad methamphetamine are amines and controlled drugs. One of the compounds used to make nylon is an amine.

In nature, important amines are amino acids which the body uses to make proteins, which are vital in the biochemistry of the body.

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