What Is Courtesy, Consideration, Clearness And Completeness In The Business Communication?


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Consideration would be to share with someone tne last piece, courtesy would be to offer them the last piece.
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It is all about how to make effective business communication. Courtesy is being polite to people while writing a business communication. The use of Sir, Madam, Dear etc all comes under courtesy. Consideration is being considerate and understanding towards people you are communicating to. You need to be clear and precise in your communication. Don't use ambiguous sentences having double meanings. Don't leave anything to the reader's imagination. Put in every detail.
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If you considering someones needs, you would be holding the door open for them. If you were being courteous you would do it with a smile, so you know they feel better about themselves. A smile can do that. ☻- (You might not be able to see this but it's a smiley!)
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Completeness, include all the necessary facts and background information to support the message you are communicating. Partial descriptions would not work if we need success. We ought to give the complete picture to the client.
Clearness, the message should be clear; and based on simple terms. Have a definite purpose for writing and make sure it is clearly communicated up front. The content should be meaningful to the receiver and be compatible with his or her values system.
Consideration, the capability of the audience should be considered. The most effective communications require the least amount of the recipient's effort. Keep your reader's needs in mind as you write. Ask yourself, why should my reader spend time reading this? So make it worthwhile for them.
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Completness is the way that you convey your message in a effective way so that the that reader easily urderstands it so that he/she reacts in the way that you would expect him to. 

Conciseness is being able to keep to your point and  don't give too much detail, which is unneccessary. 

Cosideration is that you put yourself in the place of the receiver when you are composing a message.

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I think I would differentiate consideration as the act of considering someones feelings, the thought and motive; and courtesy would be the action or words spoken that would prove or complete the consideration.

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