How can we save our environment?


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Collectively reducing the amount of waste we as a human race create. Reducing dependance upon items and materials that create pollution to be assembled, refined, packaged, or handled in any way that adds to the problem. Stop clear cutting that is impacting the entire planet's ability to produce the air we breath. Stop causing extinction among species. Stop producing products that are genetically altered. 

Start thinking in terms of healing instead of destroying.

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Pepper pot answered

Non compliance. Overthrow our leaders and the bankers. They want to decrease the population with vaccines but keep supplying us with EMF devices, building more airports, and blowing up their own people to justify raping the Middle East of its oil and gases and so keeping themselves wealthy and in the lap of luxury

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Humans must cut down their greed and have more respect for Mother Earth. It's a collective endeavor for EVERYONE. If every one did their part, the environment would start to gain some health.

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

The absolute best way would be for mankind to be thrown off the planet all together so then the Planet could revitalize itself and be healthy in a few centuries, otherwise it may never happen as mankind is out to destroy everything God gave  us even including ourselves unfortunately, and that's really sad.

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Each and every one must keep himself dirt free and must look at and strive to clean their surrounding then the whole environment will get cleaned and saved.

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