Why Should We Protect Our Environment?


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At this point, sorry to say, it is an exercise in futility. The only thing we can do is the best we can to preserve what is left of our environment. Like David Suzuki who once was a great activist in preserving, in other words, taking care of our planet, now points out the best we can do is try to be nice to one another and hope that we will have each other. There is also the factor that the more you take from the environment, the more you should give back. We have become a society of consumers who do not think twice. We may put our bottles in a recycle box, but by the same token we think nothing of the plastic wrap that our food comes in and dispose of it without thinking. There was a time when meat came in paper as most of our goods. Now in plastic bags. These are not recycled, best to reuse if you can

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