What's the coldest you've ever been?


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PJ Stein answered

Remember that artic vortex cold snap a few years ago? I had just spent a couple of weeks visiting family in Florida. I was driving back o Kansas where we lived at the time. Just north of Nashville I stopped to get gas. The wind was whipping making the wind-chill factor -14 degrees F. I had not packed gloves, or a scarf, or a hat. In the minute it took to swipe my card, and start the pump and jump back in the car, my ears were hurting so badly from the cold. After I pumped the gas I went into the store to use the rest room and saw a rack of gloves and scarves. I bought some to get me home.

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Ancient One answered

Walking a fence patrol South Korea in minus 10 degree weather at night. Even with all the artic gear it was COLD!

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Mary Patterson answered

As for me, the coldest place was visiting the North Pole with the travel one. I'd never go there without the help of such a professional company. But, anyway, it was rather interesting and necessary to visit. As for me, for everybody.

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