What Was The Coldest Day Ever Recorded In Siberia?


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The coldest day ever recorded in Siberia was on 6 February 1922 when the temperature plummeted to -67.8 Degrees Celsius. These brutally cold temperatures were recorded in the Verkhoyanski region, which is near the Arctic Circle.

The average February temperature in most of Siberia stands at approximately -23 Celsius during the daytime and can go down to -50 Celsius at night.. Nevertheless, the coldest temperature ever recorded anywhere on earth was on 12 July 1983, when temperatures plunged to over -89 Celsius in Antarctica.

Siberia is actually a huge region in Russia, which is still the world's largest country. Siberia makes up about 60% of Russia's total territory. Siberia is very sparsely inhabited and much of the region is comprised of taiga, or pine forests, as well as tundra. Snow covers nearly all the land for over 9 months of the year. Siberia's total population presently stands at approximately 36 million and the majority of the population is Russian.
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As far my knowledge goes siberia is not the coldest the coldest one is antarctica...
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Is it really so cold there? I do not have enough informatino about it, but I wanted to go there... Now I have doubts.

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Awful! I didn't think that the place I was  so low temperature. Overall, I liked the trip and learnt a lot of new about the history of this place.

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-87 in 1842

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