What Is The Weather Like In Greece?


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Greece's climate is of three types which influences well developed areas of its territory. The climates are Mediterranean, the Alpine and temperate types. The first type has mild, wet winters and the summers are hot and dry. The Cyclades, the Dodecanese, Crete, Eastern Peloponesus and certain regions of Sterea Ellada are influenced by this type.

Temperature occasionally reaches acute values although snowfalls do take place even in the Cyclades or Crete through the winter season. The Alpine type is foremost primarily in the western and central parts of Greece, Thessaly, Western Macedonia and also in the western and central regions of Peloponessus, counting the regions of Achaea, Arcadia and some parts of Laconia. The minimum temperature ever recorded in Greece is -27.8 degrees C, which occurred in the high ground of Western Macedonia.

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