What Is The Weather Like In Majorca?


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Majorca is one of the Balearic Islands in Spain. The island of Majorca has a very variable weather. Sometimes the weather is very cool and humid or at times it is rainy and cold. The island of Majorca is a very popular tourist destination in Spain. The capital of the island of Majorca is Palma. Palma is also the capital of the autonomous communities of the Balearic Islands. The national anthem of the island is La Balanguera. The island was founded sometime in the 13th century. There are a total of 53 administrative divisions. The population of the island of Majorca is around 777,800 and it ranks 15th in Spain.

The capital Palma was actually founded as a Roman army camp called Palmaria.

After the 1950s tourism in Majorca started to increase by leaps and bounds, now Majorca is considered as one of the hottest tourist destinations.

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