What Is The Most Common Form Of The Erosion?


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One of the most common forms of erosion is by way of water bodies like rivers, streams and in coastal areas by the sea. Rivers as they flow through in mountainous regions gain velocity due to the uneven terrain which results in large scale erosion; this phenomenon generally takes place in the first stage of the river near to its origin.

The eroded material known as silt is transported by the river and deposited along its banks as the region through which it is flowing becomes plainer; usually if the conditions are ideal the river forms a delta comprising of the eroded material at the place where it flows in to the sea.

Coastal areas are continuously battered by the sea waves which results in the formation of features like beaches, cliffs and the like. Deforestation is an indirect form of erosion as tree roots help in binding the soil, and large scale felling of trees leads to desertification due to washing away of fertile topsoil.

Another form of erosion is by way of wind especially in desert areas where the sand particles can prove to be detrimental to nearby physical features and vegetation. Human activities have emerged as the single major cause of erosion especially in recent times with settlements and constructions of dams and the like in wooded lands contributing to large scale erosion.

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