What Is The Similarity Between Weathering And Erosion?


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They both break down rocks, however weathering is the first step then the erosion happens. Weathering can happen in situ, whereas erosion may not.
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Well the main similarity between weathering and erosion is that during both procedures the soil from the surface turns loose and breaks up.

In simple terms weathering basically is the course of breaking down of rocks, soils and their minerals via direct or indirect contact with the environment. Weathering takes place in situ, or 'with no movement' and hence should not be mixed up with erosion, which engage in the movement and breakdown of rocks as well as minerals via procedures like water, wind, ice or gravity.

On the other hand Erosion is the dislocation of solids via the means of ocean currents, wind water, etc. Erosion generally is an innate process but in certain places it is augmented because of human land consumption.
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The process with rock cycle

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