Where Is The Hypogastric Region?


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The term 'hypogastric region' describes an area in the body of a human being that falls under his abdomen and the exact area that the term describes is under the umbilicus. The other name that is used to describe the same phenomenon is hypogastrium and when you are using the term hypogastric you can refer to several other organs also by using it in conjugation with some words.

When you are using the term 'hypogastric artery' you are referring to the 'internal iliac artery' but using its old name. The word can also be used in association with vein and lymph nodes to form the terms 'hypogastric vein' and 'hypogastric lymph nodes' respectively

The formation of all these words has one common element and that element is the prefix 'hypo' that describes something that is below normal or under.

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