What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Three Gorges Dam?


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The good things and the bad things about it
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Three Gorges Dam Debate
Pro (for) Con (against)
Prevents flooding downstream at regular times Many civilians will die if the dam breaks down
Would create a world record for being the largest hydro-electric dam in the world Costs about 180 BILLION US dollars and would take 20 years to construct
More than 10,000 tons of toxic waste have been removed from the reservoir More than 600,000 local residents will be moved and would also destroy a large section of the scenic Yangtze River
Will produce enough electricity to power a large city in China Has as much steel as 63 Eiffel towers.
84 Billion kilowatt hours per year; enough to supply 11-15% of China's energy 10.8 million tons of cement, 1.9 million tons of rolled steel and 1.6 million tons of timber
Will provide drinking water for Beijing The water level will rise 575 feet
The 1.5M displaced people will receive villages and factories with wide streets, modern conveniences, and water treatment plants Construction would kill so many pink dolphins that live in the river, lots of ecosystems have been destroyed
Gives China a cleaner way to produce energy rather than fossil fuels which give Carbon Dioxide to the air. The creation of the dam caused many landslides which would effect many local residents
15 million people and 1.5 hectares of farmland would be relieved from floods Would wipe out over 1000 conservation and historical sites
Tons of Carbon Dioxide was put in to the air because of the transportation of the cement
Garbage floating in the bank are now in the reservoir
18,000 Chinese has to work on it daily for over 15 years

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