How Do Rocks Change When They Become Metamorphic?


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The chemical chang
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Metamorphic rocks are one of the main types of rocks found on the surface of the earth apart from igneous and sedimentary rocks. Rocks modified in this way are termed metamorphic rocks. These rocks are the result of transformation of existing sedimentary or igneous rocks by intense heat or pressure

Sometimes, chemical action of fluids can also result in metamorphic rocks. The alteration caused by agents like heat, pressure or liquids lead to chemical and structural changes to the minerals present in rocks. Some of the common forms of metamorphic rocks are slate, marble, quartzite, schist and gneiss. Heating begins to affect the state of rocks at a temperature of 200 degree C and beyond. It affects rocks through two processes: intrusion of magma and tectonic- subduction. Pressure acts in tandem with heat. It is exerted on rocks through two processes: tectonic processes and weight of overlying materials.

The change in chemical composition of rocks through the chemical action of fluids mainly depends on water and carbon dioxide. When these two are mixed, the fluid produced can alter the state of the rocks chemically by dissolving rocks and causing chemical reactions. A major of the earth's continental crust is made up of metamorphic rocks and igneous rocks.

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