Bamboo Plants-all Water & Rocks- Should It Have Direct Sunlight From Indoors?


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There are many different kinds of bamboo plants around, so how you care for them will vary, including whether they need to be in direct sunlight, or in shade.
Once you have chosen your plant, place it in a jar with a small amount of soil and topped with rocks. This will help keep moisture in the roots of the plant. Keep the bamboo lightly watered.
Keep an eye on the growth of your plant. Bamboo plants growth rate varies, and if some cases have been known to grow 4 feet in just 24 hours, other bamboo plants, like dwarf bamboo, will only reach up to one foot. If your plant gets too big, crop your plant off at the top.
If your plant grows out of the pot it’s in, replace it with a larger one and add stones or rocks, along with a small amount of sand.

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