What The Example Of Convection?


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Examples of convection are:

1. The circulation of air inside a refrigerator(cold air sinks and hot air rises)
2. Convection in a liquid(heating of water)
  - the rising of a less dense fluid and the sinking of a dense fluid is convection
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Convection is heat transfer through a liquid or gas (air would be a type of gas). As air or liquid heats up, it expands and becomes less dense, this causes it to rise. It is replaced by cooler air, which is then heated as well. This is why we heat liquids from underneath, and why your house will be warmer if your heater is on the bottom floor.
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You will see convection when you boil water in a pan.
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Convection refers to the transfer of heat between the particles because of the actual movement of the matter. This phenomenon takes place when heat is given to the matter. Convection can be defined as the process in which the transfer of heat energy takes place in the matter including gas, liquid, solid because of the movement of the currents. There are two types of convection including conduction and radiation. Conduction is the transfer of energy from particle to particle while radiation is the movement of the electromagentic waves which directly transfers energy in the space. Example of convection energy is as follows:

When you take a cup of hot coffee then the spoon in it becomes hot because of the conduction of heat.

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