How Does Fungi Fit Into Human Life?


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Fungi are eukaryotic organisms. Fungi have a long history of use by humans. Some examples of fungi are yeast, mold and mushrooms. They play an important role in human life and have several uses and functions. Fungi have its own benefits and hazards in human life. Fungi like mushrooms are edible. Many species of mushrooms are poisonous. Mold is used in cheese and yeast in bread and for other confection uses.

Some fungi can impact man in the way of disease, can poison food and can also inflict heavy loss of crop. Fungi can also be used as a weapon against bacteria. Fungi can cause skin diseases for men as well as cattle. Some of the fungal diseases are athlete's foot, tinea infection, Histoplasmosis, Ergot,

Fungi are a kingdom (fungus singular) is the largest group among living organisms after insects. There are approximately 1.5 million fungi. They are used in several biotechnological experiments and also for biological control. They are also used for natural scavengers and for recycling of elements. Fungi are heterotrophic. They consume their food externally, as in; they absorb nutrient molecules into their cells.

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