What Does Dormant Volcano Mean?


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The term 'Dormant Volcano' refers to a volcano which currently is not erupting. However the volcano is pretty much capable of erupting at any given time in the future. Many volcanoes are known to be dormant for a period of hundred years to a period of thousand years. Due to lack of eruptions the volcano is usually worn down and eroded.

However when a dormant volcano erupts, the eruptions are very violent and hazardous capable enough to damage an entire town if in its way. As the volcano remains dormant a plug forms in side the volcano, when the pressure builds inside the volcano it erupts with a massive force.

The Vesuvius volcano which lies just over the city of Naples has been dormant for more than ninety five years, although it is dormant; it certainly has not become extinct.
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Dormant volcanoes mean volcanoes that havent erupted since a long time but may erupt in the future
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Dormant is the gravity of the earth

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A dormant volcano is a volcano that isn't active. Meaning that it won't erupt.

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