How Many People Live In Ruislip?


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The total population of Ruislip is 48,493. The total population of men is 23,603, while women are numbered 24,890.     All the inhabitants have a very reasonable count of 48,493, wherein, the young populace aged 15-34 is 14,773. The population in the age of 35-54 is 17,837 and the aged population i.e. 55+ has a count of 15,883. The 2001 UK census has recorded the population of South Ruislip as 11,480.    Ruislip Northwood population consists of 81,193, wherein males move down to a population of 38636 and females move up the population scale with the figure of 42557. The general population aged 16-74 has a figure of 58,420. The non white population is about 12.99%.  

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