Who Invented The Plastic Ends To Shoe Laces?


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Those plastic ends are called aglets, they are like sleeves at the end of the rope-like shoe lace itself. Their purpose is to stop the laces fraying, they give you something easier to grip on to and they make it easier to pass the lace through the shoe eyelets.

Believe it or not, there is evidence of aglets being used back to Roman times (if not earlier). So can't really say who 'invented' them. Only back then they weren't made of plastic -- that's a modern material. Originally aglets were made from metal, glass, stone, whatever else could be shaped as necessary. Rich people would have aglets made of precious metals like brass or silver.

Aglets used to be used in place of buttons at the end of ribbons, to help fasten clothes closed.

Aglet is the modern English word. It used to be spelled Aiglet, which came from medieval French : "aguillette" (or "aiguillette"). These are both diminutives of "aguille", which means "needle". Seems odd to use a diminuative when an aglet is actually larger than a needle, but never mind that.

Aguille itself comes from the original Latin word for needle: "acus".
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So who invented the aiglet? I guess if it was used in Roman times we just don't really know.
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James watt
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I am doing a speech on the "greatest scientific brake through" and I think it would have to be the Anglet!!

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