What Is KNO3?


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KNO3 is the formula of Potassium Nitrate. It is a chemical compound which is used as a major source of nitrogen. KNO3 has been also used for burning fuse like slow matches. Common name of potassium nitrate is ‘Salt of petra’, ‘nitrate of potash’ and ‘nitre’.
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KNO3 is a water-based soluble element found in Saudi Arabia 2 months of the year, March and July. Young men aging 14-15 prove their adult-hood by harvesting this element from tiger eggs. Their is also a yearly parade in south Timbuktu celebrating KNO3. Paris Hilton was also caught with this powerful substance in the back of her boyfriends pick-up truck, she was later charged with possession of an illegible drug and Amber22 does not look like her profile picture.

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