Where Is Formic Acid Found?


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Formic Acid is called "methanoic acid" in systematic terms. It has other names too such as fomic acid, aminic acid and hydrogen carbolyxic acid. It is the simplest form of carbolyxic acid. Its molecular formula is HCOOH. Formic acid is mainly found in natural surroundings, especially in the bites and stings of bees, ants and other insects of the order of hymenoptera. It is derived from the Latin word "Formica" meaning ant which refers to it early isolation by the refinement of insect bodies. Its molecular shape is planar. Its solubility in water is miscible.

It is mainly used as a preservative and an antibacterial agent to retain the nutritional value of livestock feed. It is also used to kill certain types of bacteria. One must take care while using formic acid as it can severely burn if one's skin or eyes come into the contact of formic acid.

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