When A Solution Becomes More Acidic, Does The PH Increase Or Decrease?


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Hey hey math-friend! Any child would tell you that pH decreases as acidity increases..!!
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When temperature increases this favours the forward reaction of the self ionisation of water. This because the reaction of water to become hydronium ion and hydroxide ion is endothermic. The presence of more hydronium ion will decrease the pH
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A higher PH.

Is this a homework cheating site or what?
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If it IS a homework cheating site, they'll soon stop using it if we give them the wrong answers (!)
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Acidity is based on the no. Of hydrogen ions that will dissociate in solution, therefore the pH will increase according to the pH scale.
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To explain this I can give just examples
a strong acid such as HCl has ph of 0 to 1 at the mole value of 1dm-3

a strong alkaline like NaOH will have ph of 13 to 14 at the same mole as that of HCl

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