How Does Ground Water Flow?


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Some of the water supplied by rain and snow sinks under ground into pores and cracks in soil and rocks, not in the form of underground pond or lake but as a subsurface material. When underground water starts increasing, saturation zone called aquifer forms, through which water can form easily.

Ground water moves continuously but slowly. Most remain underground, seeking the lower level. When the land surface dips down the water table ponds, lakes, and marches form. Some water finds a way to the surface by capillary action in the ground or in vegetation ,when the ground surface extends below the levels of the water table .The most common features to develop is a stream.

Groundwater, particularly when combined with carbon dioxide, dissolves soluble materials by a chemical process called solution. Due to underground movement of the underground water many of the world caves are created. When water sink through the overlying rocks it leaves carbonate as it drips into empty spaces. The deposits build upward from cave floors hang from cave roofs. Surface depression in an area of collapsing caverns. The decomposition process taking place during ground water flow effect many types of rocks especially limestone. The ground water table generally follows surface contours but in subdued fashion.
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Through caverns and gaps in the subsurface rock strata.

Also, through porous gaps in soil and even within rocks.

It can take 5-20 years for water to get from the surface to acquifers below. That's why our water usage today will have such long-lasting effects.

Typically ground water percolates downwards (towards the Earth's centre) until it hits a layer which is effectively impermeable (like a very dense clay-based stone). The ground water spreads out and just fills in.

Water can come back upwards, via capillary action, through especially porous rocks, if it is under pressure -- making springs at the surface.
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It flows with gravity!!! And pressure, but groundwater moves really slow!

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