What Does Micro Organism Mean?


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Microorganisms basically are organisms which are microscopic. The study related to microorganisms is known as microbiology. Microorganisms can be anything like bacteria, fungi, archaea or protists.

Micro-organisms are normally illustrated as a single-celled or unicellular organism, but certain unicellular protists are visible to the naked eye. Microorganisms are found almost in every section of the earth where there is liquid water, counting hot springs as well. As certain type of microorganism can fix nitrogen, they are a vital section of the nitrogen cycle. Nevertheless microbes can attack organism and later result in diseases.

Single-celled microorganisms were said to be the initial forms of life to evolve on earth, nearly some four billion year ago and roughly for three billion years, all organisms were said to be microscopic.
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The tiny particles that have life which are invisible to our eyes...and can be visible through a microscope are called MICRO ORGANISMS.
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It is any microscopic form of life

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