Show the pictures of micro organisms?


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Microorganisms are the smallest portion of life. They are so small that you are only able to see them under a microscope, in other words they are invisible to the naked eye. 

This means that any photographs or footage of microorganisms must be done through a microscopic device.

Microorganisms exist everywhere that life exists, including in our bodies, in water, in soil and in the air that we breathe. They vary from safe to dangerous, to necessary to superfluous. 

The three kinds of microorganisms are as follows:

  • Bacteria
  • Fungi
  • Viruses

One of the main and greatest benefits of microorganisms is that they act as decomposers which is necessary for the earth's natural recycling function. It is also believed that micro-organisms are even able to affect and influence the weather due to their active roles in precipitation.

As per requested, here are some stunning pictures of microorganisms for you to enjoy:

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