What Are The Differences Between A Light And Electron Microscope?


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There are a few major differences between light microscopes and electron microscopes.

  • Source to enable viewing
A light microscope uses an attached light source to enable the viewing of objects placed under the microscope, whilst an electron microscope uses beams of electrons that are focused by magnetic lenses.

  • Resolution of viewing
The detail that can be seen through a light microscope is not as great as that seen through an electron microscope. An electron microscope can show up to 10,000 times the detail of a light microscope, and can show sub cells when in optimum condition. A light microscope can achieve a resolution of 0.2 micrometers, whilst an electron microscope has the capacity to have a resolution of 0.05 nanometers.

  • Living or dead cells
The major benefit of a light microscope is that it enables living organisms to be viewed, whilst an electron microscope can only show dead organisms. This is because the beam of electrons that is used to magnify the object destroys the living tissue in question.

  • Light microscopes
The light microscope was invented in the 17th century, and has been a tool that has been one of the most useful in the field of biology, to study various organisms, and how they operate. Most modern light microscopes have built in light sources, although it is still common for mirrors to be used to reflect the image to the eye.

  • Electron microscopes
These microscopes were introduced to the world in the 1930s, as an alternative to the light microscope. These microscopes allow for greater detail to be shown, but are also far more expensive than light microscopes.
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With a light microscope you can view living cells, with an electron microscope you can't view living cells because electrons pass through the cell which kills it, with an electron microscope you can view the cell with a much more greater magnification than a light microscope. HOPE THIS HELPS LOL!!!!
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Light microscopes use light with a series of lenses to view specimens with a resolving power of up to 4,000 times whereas an electron microscope will enable the user to view specimens in greater detail at very nearly the size of the atom.

Electron microscopes are used by at least a Ph.D. In research.

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