What Is The Formula For Capacity?


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  • What is the formula for capacity?

The formula to measure the capacity of a certain container is LxWxH. This means length multiplied by width multiplied by the height. Use a ruler or tape measure to jot down all these measurements and then use a calculator to multiply them all together to find out the capacity of the container.
  • What is capacity?

Capacity is the maximum amount of anything that something can contain. It is easiest to think of a container full of water. The maximum amount of water, or any liquid, is the maximum capacity of the container.
  • When would I need to measure capacity?

There will be many instances in your life when you will need to measure capacity. You may have two different sized containers and you wish to move the contents of one container into another but you are unsure if it will fit. Before trying, and possibly spilling the contents of one container, it is easier to measure them before hand and establish whether or not they will fit.

  • Capacity or volume?

Capacity and volume are terms which are often used interchangeably but they do have slightly different meanings. Capacity generally refers to how much a container can hold and it is often measured in liters.

Volume is often used to refer to how much space the contents will take up. A gas for example will usually take up as much of the space as possible and will disperse around the entire container. If the container is solid it will not change shape for a gas and the particles of the gas will have to squeeze together to fit. If the container is not solid, such as a balloon, the particles will spread out and force the container to expand.

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