What Is The Formula To Calculate The Tank Capacity/volume?


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The formula used to calculate the capacity or volume of a tank varies depending on what measurement you are seeking. If you want to know the amount of cubic feet in a tank, you multiply the length of the tank times the width times the diameter. If you want to know how many gallons a tank will hold, take the cubic feet from the previous calculation and multiply it by 7.47 to get the answer. 

If you want to know the volume of a tank, first know that Pi=3.14. The radius of the tank will be equal to one half of the diameter. Once you have the answers to those variables you can plus them into this formula to get the answer.  Pi *R2 * D and the answer will be the volume of the tank in cubic feet.

Knowing the volume or capacity of a tank or any other container is a very important piece of knowledge to have. Overfilling a tank such as an air compressor can be very dangerous, as they can blow up when over-filled if they have a weak or damaged body. Overfilling a gas container can result in a spillage that can not only damage anything it touches, but it is a very real danger to explode and cause serious bodily injury and death.

There are a number of good sites on the internet that will do all the calculating for you, as long as you have the variables to plug in. You can find out the exact volume and capacity of any container any time using the formula from above, or plugging the variables in to a web site that will calculate it for you.  Regardless, never start filling a container of any kind without first knowing the volume and capacity of it.
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To calculate the volume of any tank, the general formula is:

V = base area x height

If the base is rectangular, its area can be calculated as:

Area = length x width

If the base is circular, the area can be calculated as:

Area = pi x radius2

If you multiply this area with the height of the tank, you obtain its volume.
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